Creating Experiences @Microsoft

My life so far has been a journey from Art to Design. The stories I’ve heard and the experiences I’ve had throughout the journey continued to shape my thoughts and perspective. I’ve learnt that the views I have could have a different perspective and learnt to showcase even things unseen by me . I always try to share the experiences and knowlegde I’ve gained through this journey in the best possible way and to create wonderful experiences through the same for others. These project are the culmination of that journey and attempts.

Swara is a creative design for  sruthi box with a newly designed music meter that evaluates & also makes learning classical music effective 

The reimagined studio lighting system,software enabling studio photographers to forecast light & shadow and conduct lighting experiments effectively.

The project is an immersive augmented reality application that allows Memories to be tagged and shared with others via geotags.

 Research study aimed to identify problem statements for design in Kuttanad, Kerala, India’s greatest backwater tourist destination.

Mempit is a  visual User Interface exploration based on the brief exploring art movement for instructive interaction design.

Saptak is a redesigned tuner with added features that make learning guitar for beginners & mid levels simple.

 Agami is a multi model UX/UI Design intervention in the domain of Level 5 Autonomy Vehicles 10 years from now.

The chair is a fun experience product created to bring happiness and playfulness for people in this busy world.

Showcasing some of my illustrations, murals, and sketches that I’ve created along this journey.

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